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Explore & Discover Nature!

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Ironwood Tree Experience inspires young people to flourish by engaging with nature and becoming mindful stewards of the environment at home, in their community, and around the world.

Why do young people join the Experience?

  • DSCN0027 “I have always loved nature, but I thought more along the lines of large mammals. This program taught me to appreciate the landscape, insects, amphibians, and plants as well. I have had so many wonderful new experiences and made so many memories because of this program.”
  • IMG_4207 “I love the camping trips! This organization introduced me to more people and many new experiences. I think this program gives you a lot of new information and an appreciation of nature. It taught me to appreciate nature, how to identify birds, and where to see pronghorn antelope!”
  • IMG_3415 "My favorite place at Cienega Creek is the cliff near the train bridge. It was cool there and comfortable and most of the time silent. The scenery is incredible… it felt spiritual. I felt calm there."
  • IMG_9386 "I really enjoyed this program and our trips to Cienega Creek where we tested the water for alkalinity and pH. I saw the most incredible views. I liked the wetlands because it had a lot of interesting and cool things to discover."
  • IMG_9996 "This program introduced me to new places throughout the Sonoran Desert. I learned a lot about habitats, plants, and wildlife and it was fun!"