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Explore & Discover Nature!

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To create healthy and resilient communities, Ironwood Tree Experience makes it possible for young people to engage with the natural world and be stewards of the environment.

Why do young people join the Experience?

  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA “I have always loved nature, but I thought more along the lines of large mammals. This program taught me to appreciate the landscape, insects, amphibians, and plants as well. I have had so many wonderful new experiences and made so many memories because of this program.”
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA “I love the camping trips! This organization introduced me to more people and many new experiences. I think this program gives you a lot of new information and an appreciation of nature. It taught me to appreciate nature, how to identify birds, and where to see pronghorn antelope!”
  • IMG_0172 "My favorite place at Cienega Creek is the cliff near the train bridge. It was cool there and comfortable and most of the time silent. The scenery is incredible… it felt spiritual. I felt calm there."
  • "I really enjoyed this program and our trips to Cienega Creek where we tested the water for alkalinity and pH. I saw the most incredible views. I liked the wetlands because it had a lot of interesting and cool things to discover."
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA "This program introduced me to new places throughout the Sonoran Desert. I learned a lot about habitats, plants, and wildlife and it was fun!"

ITE Programs Supported by

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Western National Parks Association helps make the national park experience possible for everyone. As a nonprofit education partner of the National Park Service, WNPA supports 67 parks across the West, developing products, services, and programs that enrich the visitor experience.

Since 1938 WNPA has worked to connect new generations to parks in meaningful ways, all with one simple goal: create advocates who want to preserve and protect these special places for everyone, for all time.

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Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.53.26 PM


The Finley Family Foundation is committed to promoting individual achievement.  Our grants focus on programs that offer individuals strategic opportunities to overcome obstacles to their self-sufficiency and accomplishment.  We seek to address the root causes of under-achievement and, to that end, will also support evaluation of strategies and best practices to overcoming barriers to achievement.

Our accomplishments as entrepreneurs grew from early familiarity with computers, development of analytic thinking skills, and exposure to scientific exploration.  For us, this natural curiosity was nurtured through ongoing educational opportunities.  We value these experiences and want to make them available to others.




Dustin & Kristen Yoder Memorial Foundation

On June 27th, 2006, Dustin and Kristen Yoder, along with a friend and fellow climber, Brennan Larson, were killed in a tragic mountain climbing accident on Artesonraju, a 6015 meter peak in the Cordillera Blanca Mountains in the Andes of Peru. As brother and sister, Dustin and Kristen shared a passion for outdoor adventure. They grew up hiking and backpacking in the Southwest and spent much of their spare time rock and ice climbing together. Over the years they scaled multiple peaks together in Arizona, Colorado, Alaska, Washington State, Mexico, and South America.

Both Dustin and Kristen were very involved with the Parks and Recreation Management Program at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. Dustin graduated in 2005 and minored in Recreation Management, and Kristen, a senior majoring in Recreation Management, was a trip leader for the NAU Outdoors Program. They enthusiastically shared their experiences and outdoor adventures with people of all ages, leading wilderness trips, teaching outdoor skills, and educating about the environment.

The Dustin and Kristen Yoder Memorial Foundation, Inc. is an Arizona non-profit corporation tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). The Yoder children’s family and friends established the Foundation in their memory and honor to provide financial assistance to children and young adults for outdoor leadership education courses which focus on developing life skills and leadership ability through outdoor activities. Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible.

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