Youth for Blue Skies Spring 2024 – Applications Closed!

Youth for Blue Skies Spring 2024 – Applications Closed!

Program Description

 Youth for Blue Skies is an environment and community-based internship program for high school youth, ages 14-20. In partnership with the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality, youth interns will explore climate change, air pollution & community action through experiences in our Sonoran Desert community.

  • Earn $400 in May for completing all internship program requirements
  • Participate in:
    • 1 Family & Intern Orientation
    • 7 Field Days: Hiking, Walking & Community Projects 
    • 3-Day, 2-Night Campout over Rodeo Break
    • 1 Season Finale & Celebration
  • Connect with the land
  • Learn about climate change
  • Participate in community projects to improve the environment
  • Gain leadership experience and become an assistant field guide for 2024!

Applications are Now Closed

YBS 2023 Interns and YBS 2022 Mentors doing Community Tree Planting in the Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood

Youth for Blue Skies Program Calendar

Please review the dates below to make sure you can attend them all.


We Are No Longer Accepting Applicants-

Thank you for Checking!

Applications due December 4th

“I’m more aware of how my environment is being affected by the things we do and also just more open to doing things in nature like hiking. Whenever I’m stuck in traffic, I always think about how much worse the air quality must be getting from it.” -YBS 2023 Intern

“Throughout this internship program I have become more conscious of me and my households behaviors, or lack of, in individually trying to mitigate climate change. I have also learned more about my work habits and how to better balance responsibilities.” -YBS 2022 Intern

YBS 2022 Interns during the Campout