Stewardship Projects

Hiking River

Summer Paid Internship for Youth Action Corps!

Lead and Teach 12 youth about the Wildlife, People, Cultural Traditions, Food, and Music of this region. You and your internship team receive specialized training, lead explorations in the Sky Islands, prepare and eat traditional foods, plan and set up camp, facilitate activities, and inspire youth to love where they live! Earn $400 stipend for full participation, weekdays from May 27 - June 21.

Nature & Culture Beyond Borders! Summer Program for Teens

Nature & Culture Beyond Borders connects 20 teens with the natural and cultural diversity of our Borderlands. From jaguars, coatimundi and saguaro to the people, traditions, food, and music of this region, teens traverse SE Arizona to explore, prepare and eat traditional foods, camp and hike in high elevation forests, meet community leaders, and learn from youth peers to discover new places, friendships, and opportunities.

Connecting Youth Outdoors!

Connecting Youth Outdoors through Citizen Science is a Conservation Education program. ITE has a current, active cooperative agreement with US Forest Service and is an active partner in the USFS Southeast Arizona Sustainable Recreation Strategy for Youth Engagement.

Youth Action Corps 2019!

Take on a leadership roll in your Sonoran Desert Community through sustainable neighborhood projects, wildlife monitoring, learning and teaching environmental Education, and iniate entreprenuereal ventures that mke the community richer and more diverse!