EcoTruths for Indigenous Youth – Spring Lab 2024

EcoTruths for Indigenous Youth – Spring Lab 2024

The 2024 – 2025 series focuses on Water

(re)Claiming Water Relations and Kinships from the oceans to the mountains to the rivers

Through outdoor field trips, overnight camps, and virtual and in-person meetups, the EcoTruths for Indigenous Youth Internship engages Native youth in fostering relationships with jewed ka:cim, Mother Earth, all her offspring, and the various forms of life that have emerged from her re-creative energies in an Indigenous communal (re)building space.

In (re)establishing our relationship with her local personalities and powers, we hope to (re)member our responsibility to her and all our relations. (Re)membering one’s relationship to the Lands one shares with others, one may begin to identify their own EcoTruths. Truths that can help better inform pathways into Eco-Leadership and defense through policy creation and development.

This Internship is created and led by Indigenous professionals specifically for Indigenous youth.

Seasonal Labs include: Autumn Lab, Winter Camp, Spring Lab, Summer Mentoring

Spring Lab 2024 – Kinship with our Santa Cruz River Relations

April 7 to June 9, 2024

  • Sundays from 11am to 12:30pm
  • In-person at The University of ArizonaENR2 Building (Environment & Natural Resources 2)
  • Interns will receive a stipend of $200 after completion of EcoTruth Community Knowledge Sharing on June 9, 2024
Program DateTheme
Sunday, April 7thRe/Connecting Outing
Sunday, April 14thElder Teachings
Sunday, April 21stEarth Day Celebration (outing)
Sunday, April 28thElder teachings
Sunday, May 19thKinship Outing
Sunday, May 26thShare with Elders
Sunday, June 2ndFinal Prep
Sunday, June 9thKnowledge Sharing

Please fill out the interest form below to schedule your interview with a member of the EcoTruths for Indigenous Youth planning team.


Interest Form: EcoTruths for Indigenous Youth Spring 2024

This Internship is created and led by Indigenous knowledge keepers specifically for Indigenous youth who are interested in protecting jewed ka:cim, Mother Earth. EcoTruths for Indigenous Youth is an Ironwood Tree Experience (ITE) program. Interns must be available for the dates listed on the internship program schedule to be considered.
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  • We require participants to arrange transportation in advance of all activity dates in order to arrive on time to all meetings and events.
  • Online participation in this program may be required. If this is a difficulty please indicate this on the application and we will try to help resolve.

Thank you to Indigenous Strategies llc. and collaborators for program conception, Indigenous theory, design and mentorship.

A big thank you to the Dietrich Fund as a major financial contributor to this program and supporting decolonized approaches to program design and delivery.

Meet some of the EcoTruths for Indigenous Youth team!


Nicholas Wilson - Diné

Why I joined the EcoTruth Team?
I envision the creation of a program wherein we (re)learned how to (re)create generations of Peoples “who will come to understand their lives and take up the responsibility to all living things” (Vine Deloria Jr.). Below is Deloria’s full quote.
“The future of mankind lies waiting for those who will come to understand their lives and take up the responsibilities to all living things” – Vine Deloria Jr.
With this in mind, how do we get others to fund and sustain this work, as it is important work, not just for Indigenous Peoples but all Peoples and forms of life.
Selso Villegas

Dr Selso Villegas - Tohono O'odham

Selso Villegas

Why I joined the EcoTruth Team?

I believe that it is my duty as an Indigenous Scientist to transfer all relevant information I know about Mother Earth (jewed ka:cim) to the next generation.

Autumn camp profile

Melodie A. Lopez, MSW (Hopi/Dinè/Pueblo/Mexican)

Autumn camp profile
Why I joined the EcoTruths team?
As part of this multigenerational, intertribal team who nurture young Indigenous peoples to find their connection to and understanding of Earth, I believe this generation are our policy creators, tribal leaders and nonprofit board members who will center Indigenous culture, knowledge and language into mainstream environmental spaces.
Patrisia headshot

Dr. Patrisia Gonzales (Kickapoo, Comanche, Macehual)

Patrisia headshot

Why I joined the EcoTruth Team?

I am a baby catcher and a medicine keeper. The elders have instructed me to teach the next generation. As Indigenous peoples, we have deep knowledge of how life works. I am here because we come from the four elements of life – the water, the fire, the air and the earth.  Connect, Respect and Protect – these actions will help us to continue.

Q at Winter Camp 2022

Serenity Joshevama (Hopi) they/them

Q at Winter Camp 2022

Why are you a part of EcoTruths?

After spending a year and a half connecting to water and finding my EcoTruth, I want to expand my leadership skills by mentoring new Seeds.  My favorite part of EcoTruths is exploring new environments and love the Wa:k Hik Dan.