ITE <i>Live!</i> – Field Studies for Schools

ITE Live! – Field Studies for Schools

 Follow along on an exploration of our beautiful, diverse Sonoran Desert community

What is “ITE Live!“?

ITE Live! is part of our Field Studies for Schools program. It uses a synchronized learning model where ITE field instructors connect to you and your class via the live streaming platform below. Just like an in-person program, our staff guide you on a journey in the urban and/or natural environment to share stories and knowledge of the land. Using a camera and a high-tech broadcasting device, we livestream the feed straight to our webpage. Here, you and your class can interact and stay connected with our staff in the field using the chat box.


  • 1. What is pollination

  • 2. Some of the foods we depend on bee pollination for

  • 3. Comparison of how humans and bees perceive the same flower

  • 4. Native Bees of the Sonoran Desert - Carpenter Bee

  • 5. Native Bees of the Sonoran Desert - Sweat Bee

  • 6. Native Bees of the Sonoran Desert - Bumble Bee

  • 7. Native Bees of the Sonoran Desert - Sweat Bee

  • 8. European honey bee vs. Native North American bees

  • 9. How you can help at home

  • 10. Join ITE for fun, cost-free outdoor programs!

  • 11. View from Sentinel Peak in the late 1700s overlooking what is now modern-day Tucson

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