Nature & Culture Beyond Borders – Summer 2023

Nature & Culture Beyond Borders – Summer 2023

Nature & Culture Beyond Borders

Our 2023 summer program has come to a close

Youth at Coronado National Monument in Nature & Culture Beyond Borders 2019

Program Description:

Nature & Culture Beyond Borders will connect youth, ages 12-14, with the natural and cultural diversity of our unique Borderland geography.

Themes of interconnectedness emerge as experienced ITE interns, staff and youth participants explore the Borderlands region through hikes, campouts, and cultural experiences.

Adventure and Learning: 

Through several day trips and one 2-night campout, youth will…

  • create friendships
  • develop a sense of place in our Borderlands home
  • explore southeastern AZ and the Sky Islands
  • meet community experts
  • hike and camp
  • learn about the plants, animals, people, traditions, and foods of this region

Program Dates & Schedule: 

See the Detailed Calendar Below

Orientation: Wednesday, May 31st

Field Days:  June 12th, 14th, & 16th

Campout: June 20th-22nd

End of Program Celebration: June 24th

Program Application Process: 

We are accepting 8 youth, ages 12-14, for this program.

Each participant who is selected will receive a scholarship from the Dustin & Kristen Yoder Memorial Foundation. This scholarship covers program fees. Participants are responsible for their transportation to and from ITE Urban Field Station (in the Historic Y).

  1. Complete the application: Apply for the program HERE!
  2. Do a follow up phone call with Kristen, ITE Youth Development Manager
  3. Commit to all program dates
  4. Fill out new member paperwork
  5. Attend orientation on May 31st
  6. The adventure begins! – hiking, field trips, campout
  7. Attend the final celebration on June 24th
  8. Write a thank you letter for the received scholarship

Youth participants enjoying hiking, playing, and food in Nature & Culture Beyond Borders 2019