Meet the ITE Educator Community

Meet the ITE Educator Community

ITE Keystone Educators

A keystone species is a vital organism in an ecosystem that other creatures depend on, that helps hold the community together: a saguaro cactus, a shark, an elephant, a prairie dog. ITE Keystone Educators are the teachers and educators, in schools and organizations throughout southern AZ, who help hold our community together.

ITE Keystone Educators are the first to hear about FSS and ITE Live! dates for their classrooms, internship applications and EcoProgram registrations for their students, and paid educator professional development opportunities. We currently work with a network of 30 teachers and educators. Here are some members of our community.

A Few of our Keystone Educators


Are you interested in becoming an ITE Keystone Educator? 

Email Youth Development Manager Kristen Sawyer:


We are grateful for our partners and funders who help make our ITE Keystone Educator Professional Development a reality!