Now Hiring: Program Manager!

ITE employs a staff of motivated, outgoing people engaged in a wide range of mission driven tasks from backcountry excursions to urban and nature explorations to grant writing!  Be part of a dynamic organization that provides meaningful, engaging, and inspiring programs for youth.    Hiring: Full-Time Program Manager Pay Rate: $23.75/hour Application Deadline: December 1,… Read more »

November 2022 E-Newsletter

Nurture Yourself in Nature November is the perfect time to immerse in the beauty of the natural world and feel nature’s positive effects through and through. While exploring parks, forests, and historic trails, with friends or alone, we often discover more goodness in ourselves, one another, and our community. This season, allow nature to nurture… Read more »

Giving Tuesday – A day of radical generosity

GivingTuesday is a Movement that Unleashes the Power of Radical Generosity Around the World. The idea of Giving Tuesday is to inspire and build a world where generosity is part of everyday life. November through January is a time when people are in a giving mood, and we hope you’ll add ITE to your gift… Read more »

Investment Report for 2021-2022

Dear ITE Donors, Partners, and Supporters, Your generosity and encouragement help our organization thrive! Because of you, ITE got back into the swing of things and provided meaningful experiences for youth in 2021-2022. With your help, we were able to: Provide 946 students with the opportunity to get outside during our Field Studies for Schools… Read more »

ITE Youth Spotlight: Julia Ortiz-Tzul

Julia’s journey with ITE began with a flier that “wouldn’t leave her alone.” After hearing about ITE from her teacher at City High and seeing fliers everywhere she turned in the school for an internship called Youth Ambassadors for Southwest Cultures (YASWC), she decided she ought to give it a shot. Julia went through an… Read more »

CARS – An option to donate vehicles to ITE

Did you know that you can support ITE by donating your car? If you have a vehicle you’d like to get rid of, you can do so through an organization called CARS and donate to Ironwood Tree Experience! CARS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission “is to provide innovative fundraising and support services for our… Read more »

September 2022 E-Newsletter

Ironwood Tree Experience is Back in Action! Now in our 17th year of operation, our team fully understands what it takes to be back in action the right way – the ITE way! It requires caring, highly qualified, and dedicated people. Read on to see who is making ITE a top choice for youth and how we’ve been gearing up to get young people and their… Read more »