ITE Youth Spotlight: Julia Ortiz-Tzul

Julia’s journey with ITE began with a flier that “wouldn’t leave her alone.” After hearing about ITE from her teacher at City High and seeing fliers everywhere she turned in the school for an internship called Youth Ambassadors for Southwest Cultures (YASWC), she decided she ought to give it a shot. Julia went through an… Read more »

CARS – An option to donate vehicles to ITE

Did you know that you can support ITE by donating your car? If you have a vehicle you’d like to get rid of, you can do so through an organization called CARS and donate to Ironwood Tree Experience! CARS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission “is to provide innovative fundraising and support services for our… Read more »

The Importance of Youth Voice

The following was written by Madeline Friberg-Landon, who participated in several Ironwood Tree Experience programs and worked as an intern. The Importance of Youth Voice At Ironwood Tree Experience, our goal is to encourage young people to engage with nature and community. I know from personal experience that you can hear about ways to get… Read more »

Birding as a Tool for Youth Environmental Stewardship

The following article was displayed on the website of our partner, Sonoran Joint Venture, who supports birding programs for ITE youth. Birding as a Tool for Youth Environmental Stewardship FRIDAY, 06 MARCH 2020 /  PUBLISHED IN NEWS We are Ironwood Tree Experience, a nonprofit that connects youth with their communities through experiences in nature. We aim to inspire… Read more »