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Jobs at Ironwood Tree Experience

ITE seeks motivated, outgoing, and reliable employees to assist with a wide range of tasks from instructing and leading backcountry Sonoran Desert ecology excursions to nonprofit administrative duties. Due to the nature of our programs, we seek field staff with a strong skill set in one or more specific realms with some experience in all three:

1) Ecological sciences, cultural history of the SW, climate change, and evolutionary processes.

2) Teaching, experiential education, interpretive presentation skills.

3) Solid backcountry experience, hiking, camping and backpacking

When submitting a resume please share your experiences, skills, and education pertaining to these three realms.

Here are areas where we often need help:


Community Action Projects-  restoration and conservation projects in Tucson urban neighborhoods and backcountry/wildlands.  Helpful Qualifications: enthusiasm and knowledge of Sonoran Desert ecology, urban ecology, and permaculture techniques.

EcoPrograms- single-day to multi-night nature adventure programs in the backcountry and urban environments (primarily on weekends). Helpful Qualifications: enthusiasm, knowledge of Sonoran Desert ecology, outdoor experience (camping, backpacking, climbing, etc.), ability to tolerate warm weather and hike several miles with a backpack.

Field Studies for School- instruct middle school and high school science, leadership and experiential education programs primarily on weekdays.  Helpful Qualifications: enthusiastic, knowledge of Sonoran Desert ecology, outdoor experience (camping, backpacking, climbing, etc), ability to tolerate warm weather and hike several miles with a backpack, experience with science and implementing scientific method.

Events- assisting with ITE and partnership informational, educational, and fundraising events is a key component of ITE’s responsibility as a nonprofit organization.


Administrative- office assistance, community events, and outreach often on weekdays and some weekends. Helpful Qualifications: comfort and competence in Excel spreadsheets, Google Drive, has reliable transportation.

Grant Writing and Development– Researching and writing grants and developing strategic partnerships and donors. Helpful Qualifications: Experience with grant writing and/or development and/or donor and partner cultivation, Excel spreadsheets, and a passion for the ITE mission.

Marketing– create marketing materials and assisting with social media. Helpful Qualifications: proficiency in use of Excel, Google Drive, Adobe illustrator/photoshop, Facebook, Instagram, etc.