Follow along with ITE staff as they guide you on a journey to explore the diversity found in our community!

ITE Live! is part of our Field Studies for Schools (FSS) program. It uses a synchronized learning model in which ITE field instructors are able to connect to you and your class via the live streaming platform below. Just like an in-person FSS program, our staff guides you on a journey in the urban and/or natural environment to share stories and knowledge of the land. Using a camera and a high-tech broadcasting device, we livestream the feed straight to our webpage. Here, you and your class are able to interact with our staff in the field using a chat box and stay connected.

Supplemental Info

  • Sky Island Biomes

  • Basin and Range example of extension

  • Waterfalls on the Santa Cruz River in 1889 near Sentinel Peak in Tucson. (From Arizona Historical Society)

  • El Convento along the Santa Cruz River, ca. 1910. (From Arizona Historical Society)

  • A bridge over the Santa Cruz River near Sentinel Peak in Tucson washed out during flooding in 1915. (File from Tucson Citizen)

  • Flooding of the Santa Cruz River, Tucson, in September, 1926, from “Letters from Tucson, 1925-1927” by Ethel Stiffler.