FSS Professional Development- evaluation

FSS Professional Development- evaluation

Hello Teachers – thank you for visiting this page as well as your participation in an Ironwood Tree Experience Professional Development course. You will find the evaluation below.

Evaluation: Professional Development

  • Please indicate the name of the person completing this form
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    Please indicate the date of the last program that you participated

  • How did this professional development course compare to your expectations?
  • Would you recommend this professional development course to other teachers and schools?

  • Did ITE staff/Partners (collectively and individually) conduct themselves professionally ?
  • Did ITE Staff possess the skills and expertise promised?

  • Was the program content conveyed in a clear, organized and engaging manner that fostered learning and appreciation?
  • Did the professional development course provide experiences and information that met your particular academic objectives?
  • Was the the professional development course the correct length for the content provided?
  • Just One Last Thing