Community Partners

Community Partners

Partnerships helps our community soar. So often resources, time and funding cannot keep up with lofty mission of a vibrant, innovative and thriving community. By sharing opportunities, resources and more we create synergy. Going it alone is not just lonely, it is not sustainable.

Ironwood Tree Experience depends on the shared resources of other organizations and we are excited to reciprocate in anyway that we can. We also know that partnerships are not easy. It is our hope that clear communication and expectations between partners can make each interaction- short or long term – into an enduring relationship of respect. To accomplish this ITE seeks to establish clear, non legally binding “Agreements” with our partners. The Agreements create guide posts and expectations to ensure that partners are meeting their stated responsibilities.

Positive aspects of an agreement form: sets intentional relationships, establishes clear parameters, creates the conditions for shared grant funding, enables iterative changes that allows partnerships to grow in a well conceived manner.

Ironwood Tree Experience has a simple agreement template form that may contain all or some of these points:

1) Agree to the use of common language and program description that recognizes partners (and possibly logos) on all printed material such as press release forms and other forms of promo (radio, website, public events, etc) specific to the partnership program(s).

2) Approved use of media (photos, video, voice of minors that show their faces or use names require parent signed releases and are specific to the organization(s) included on the release). This may be limited to legal issues of liability.

3) Reliable communication (with a specific contact person) for operating programs.

4) Plan for recruitment, sharing staff, prep, and resources.

5) Program funding (grants).