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American Experience: Western Wilderness

Landscapes of Hope: Collaboration, Conservation & Stewardship in a Time of Change

Inspired Youth Ages 15-18

June 19 – July 3

This 15 -day road trip takes the effects and projections of climate change head-on as we shine a light on the beauty and challenges of our western landscapes. Through exploration of National Parks, Public Lands and Private Lands we will experience and interact with people who are working together for a sustainable landscape for all stakeholders ranging from grizzly bears, wolves and trumpeter swans to indigenous people, ranchers and farmers.

Some activities include (more activities and itinerary TBD)

  • Ranch visit: Jim Stone shares restoration projects on his sprawling cattle ranch and ITE helps with projects.
  • Wolf and Grizzly Bear monitoring: locate bears and wolves with range rider Eric Graham wildlife technician.
  • Trumpeter swan project: biologists explain restoration with the help of private land owners, and hands on options for swan release!
  • Fly fishing on the Blackfoot: connect to fly fishing anglers to learn fly fishing on the Blackfoot River and then learn abut drought plan and technology that benefits farmers, fish and anglers.
  • Community forest hike in the Blackfoot Reservation
  • Measuring glacial ice in Glacier National Park
  • 2 nights in University of Montana dorms
  • National Parks we will visit: Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, Great Basin National Park, Graters of the Moon National Monument, and Glacier National Park.

Fees are all inclusive: transportation, outdoor camping + backpacking gear, meals, and 3 Ironwood Tree experience instructors (with medical training).


Date Location
Monday , June 19 Tucson to Sunset Crater Volcano NM
Tuesday, June 20 Sunset Crater Volcano NM to Great Basin NP
Wednesday, June 21 Great Basin NP
Thursday, June 22 Great Basin NP to Craters of the Moon NM
Friday, June 23 Craters of the Moon NM to Missoula, MT
Saturday, June 24 Missoula, MT
Sunday, June 25 Missoula, MT to Blackfoot Valley, MT
Monday, June 26 Blackfoot Valley, MT
Tuesday, June 27 Blackfoot Valley, MT to Glacier NP
Wednesday, June 28  Glacier NP
Thursday, June 29  Glacier NP
Friday, June 30  Glacier NP to Caribou-Targhee NF
Saturday, July 1  Caribou-Targhee NF to Uinta-Wasatch-Cache NF
Sunday, July 2  Uinta-Wasatch-Cache NF to Kaibab NF
Monday, July 3  Kaibab NF to Tucson

Contact Ironwood Tree Experience (520) 829-7001 if you have questions. Apply Below.


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