Youth for Blue Skies Internship – Spring 2022

Youth for Blue Skies Internship – Spring 2022

Are you interested in doing something about climate change and air pollution in your community?

Do you want to learn through hands-on community science experiments and projects?

Do you want to engage in conversations of environmental justice and propose solutions to decision-makers in Tucson?


Program Description: Youth for Blue Skies is a new 10-week, environment and community-based internship program for youth ages 14-20. In partnership with the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality, youth interns will explore climate change, air pollution, environmental justice and ecology through experiences in our Sonoran Desert community. By actively engaging in environmental science, attending expert led workshops, exploring nature’s lessons and sharing community stories, interns will gain new skills, friendships and a unique behind the scenes experience at the intersections of environmental quality and society. Students who are accepted for the internship are expected to fully participate in all sessions, attend the overnight campout, work in peer groups, and complete the capstone project.

Adventure and Learning: Between March 26th and June 7th, interns will experience 7 field expeditions including 1 campout, 6 online meetings, 1 community symposium and a collective celebration as we learn, share, research, and discuss the topics of climate change and environmental justice. Following the internship, participants will collaborate with ITE to design the Fall 2022 YBS internship & mentor the subsequent cohort.

Capstone Project: Following field expeditions, interviews and discussions, students will work in teams to propose visions for their communities. They will present at an open forum and event on Saturday, June 4th. As this project involves both qualitative and quantitative research and discussion, interns will receive a stipend of $400 in June. Interns will then be eligible to become a paid program mentor for Youth for Blue Skies in Fall 2022.


Meet Our Spring 2022 Interns

Events & Important Dates

For all dates of field expeditions, students will need to coordinate their transportation to ITE Urban Field Station (738 N. 5th Ave) and we will have van transportation from here to the specific location.

*Please note date Friday, April 15: TUSD and Sunnyside School District have this day off from school

March 26-June 7, 2022

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