Youth for Blue Skies 2023

Youth for Blue Skies 2023

ITE has welcomed the Youth for Blue Skies 2023 cohort!

Program Description


Youth for Blue Skies is an environment and community-based internship program for high school youth, ages 14-20. In partnership with the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality, youth interns will explore climate change, air pollution, community action, and storytelling through experiences in our Sonoran Desert community.

  • Earn $350 in May for completing all internship program requirements
  • Participate in:
    • 6 storytelling and citizen science workshops and field days
    • 1 Family and Intern Orientation¬†
    • 3-day, 2-night campout over Rodeo Break
  • Interview community experts
  • Practice storytelling, speaking, and presentation skills
  • Present stories in groups at community celebration on May 13
  • Gain leadership experience and become a mentor for 2024!

Following the spring internship, participants will become eligible to be a paid mentor with leadership and mentoring training for the next year’s cohort.

Click here to see some of the 2023 cohort’s project action day photos!

Youth for Blue Skies Program Calendar

Please view the updated Ironwood Tree Experience Covid-19 Safety Guidelines for Participants

“I loved getting to form new friendships and learn about important topics pertaining to climate change and our communities.” -YBS 2022 Intern

“Throughout this internship program I have become more conscious of me and my households behaviors, or lack of, in individually trying to mitigate climate change. I have also learned more about my work habits and how to better balance responsibilities.” -YBS 2022 Intern

YBS 2022 Interns during the Campout