World<i>Wild</i>Web Project: Wild Invaders

WorldWildWeb Project: Wild Invaders

Wild Invaders

Stewardship – one plant at a time

Project Dates: Tuesday, May 26th – Friday, June 12th.

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To the uninformed neighbor, plants growing in our neighborhood in the spring and summer can sometimes be mistaken for weeds. But what makes a weed a weed? To the untrained eye, a plant that is detrimental to the ecosystem versus a plant that enriches an ecosystem can look the same. Become an expert! Get to know common native plants and learn to identify common invasive weed species such as buffelgrass, Russian thistle, and more. Learn how some detrimental invasive species are threatening our desert ecosystems and sky islands and what you can do to make a difference in your neighborhood!

Project Activities:

  • Meet your local weeds: Get outside, take a close look at everyday plants, and see how many natives and weedy invaders you can spot.
  • Create: Put your new plant skills to the test – map and plan an action strategy for tackling your weedy problem.
  • Build Skills: Learn to use scientific apps, field guides, hand lenses, and journals to identity and monitor native and non-native plants.
  • Team up: YAC it up with other team members who are on the same project.
  • Get a Clue: Join in on Zoom discussions and panels with community experts, who will share their experience and passions with you.
  • Research & Discover: Access articles, videos, and other resources related to local plant diversity.

Project Experts: TBD