World<i>Wild</i>Web Project: Night Watch

WorldWildWeb Project: Night Watch

Night Watch

On the other side of light lies the night

Project Dates: Tuesday, May 26th – Friday, June 12th.

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Night Watch challenges you to step behind the curtains to see, smell, and hear what our ecosystem is like at night! In this project, we will explore the nocturnal world just outside our doors. Let’s walk in the moonlight to discover the denizens of the night and how they help our natural and urban ecosystems function.

Project Activities:

  • Explore your place: Put your closed-toe shoes on, grab a camera and a good light source, and step outside. The adventure starts right out your front (or back) door.
  • Create: Use audio files, photography, and descriptive narratives to share your nocturnal explorations with others.
  • Build Skills: Observation skills are life skills. Comfort and experience at night will expand your horizons of outdoor experiences and train the use of underutilized senses.
  • Team up: YAC it up with other team members who are on the same project.
  • Get a Clue: Join in on Zoom discussions and panels with community experts, who will share their experience and passions with you.
  • Research & Discover: Access articles, videos, and other resources related to the nocturnal ecosystem.

Project Experts:

  • Jennie Duberstein is the Coordinator of Sonoran Joint Venture, a wildlife biologist and conservation social scientist who has spent her professional career building partnerships for bird and habitat conservation across the United States and northwest Mexico. Jennie is the American Birding Association’s Young Birder Liaison. She directs Camp Colorado and provides support to other young birder programs. She’s been involved with young birder programs since 1997 with the ABA and other organizations, editing newsletters, coordinating young birder conferences, and directing and leading field courses and summer camps for young birders. In addition to Camp Colorado, Jennie currently co-leads VENT’s Camp Chiricahua.
  • Diego Huerta – former ITE youth, on the current ITE Board of Directors, and a University of Arizona student studying reptiles and amphibians! Diego will share his experiences working after dark with rattlesnakes!