World<i>Wild</i>Web Project: Borderland Dispatches

WorldWildWeb Project: Borderland Dispatches

Borderland Dispatches

Inclusion in interpretation

Project Dates: Monday, June 22nd – Friday, July 10th.

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Interpretation is a form of storytelling. Share what it means to you to connect to the place you call home. With the help of community experts from the Tohono O’odham Nation and the National Park Service, we will revisit the stories of our homes and learn the best ways to investigate which characters and perspectives are missing and how to incorporate them. Discuss how we can continue to increase equity and decolonize our communities’ stories!

Project Activities:

  • Explore what connects you: Reaffirm your connection to place. What are your interests/passions, and how do they relate to the world around you?
  • Create a story about the place you live!
  • Discover the untold stories: Let’s take a look at the place you live – what are the stories that have been ignored and overlooked?
  • Build Skills: Practice your interpretation skills, such as investigation, public speaking, and critical thinking.
  • Team Up: YAC it up with other team members who are on the same project.
  • Get a Clue: Join in on Zoom discussions and panels with community experts, who will share their experience and passions with you.
  • Research & Discover: Access articles, videos, and other resources related to our connection to place and the power of storytelling.

Project Experts: 

  • Christopher Bentley – Interpretation, Education & Volunteer Program Manager for the Juan Bautista National Historic Trail, a National Park Service administered National Trail.
  • Jerry Carlyle – Vice-Chairman, Tohono O’odham Nation, San Xavier District.