World<i>Wild</i>Web Project: Backyard Birds

WorldWildWeb Project: Backyard Birds

Backyard Birds

Developing a Relationship with Local Bird Species

Project Dates: Monday, May 4th – Friday, May 22nd.

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Birds inspire. They are in our art, poetry, and prayer and in our dance, song, and flight. Birds are in our brains. We hear their songs in the morning, they fly about our schools and homes, and they are with us in the summer heat and the winter cold. Birds are busy. They perform trillions of small tasks every day that tie the ecological threads of our planet together and bring wildness to our front doorstep.

Join your fellow ITE’ers to discover, study, appreciate, and creatively share your backyard birds in a way that expresses your connection and inspires others! From creating a backyard bird list to an in-depth study of individual bird species like Gila woodpecker, Cooper’s hawk, white-winged dove, Anna’s hummingbird, this project creates a community of experts that benefits our feathered friends and ourselves!

Project Activities:

  • Meet your local birds: get outside, take a look, take a listen, and see how many birds you can spot.
  • Create: choose your favorite bird species that you’ve identified, and tell us all about it. Create a species sheet that can be used to further educate ITE community members on local bird species!
  • Build Skills: lights, camera, action! Learn to produce, direct, and act in your own short video or audio clip showing the avian species you’re most interested in.
  • Team up: YAC it up with other team members who are on the same project.
  • Get a Clue: join in on Zoom discussions and panels with community experts, who will share their experience and passions with you.
  • Research & Discover: access articles, videos, and other resources related to local bird diversity.

Project Experts:

  • Jennie Duberstein  is the Coordinator of Sonoran Joint Venture, a wildlife biologist and conservation social scientist who has spent her professional career building partnerships for bird and habitat conservation across the United States and northwest Mexico. Jennie is the American Birding Association’s Young Birder Liaison. She directs Camp Colorado and provides support to other young birder programs. She’s been involved with young birder programs since 1997 with the ABA and other organizations, editing newsletters, coordinating young birder conferences, and directing and leading field courses and summer camps for young birders. In addition to Camp Colorado, Jennie currently co-leads VENT’s Camp Chiricahua.
  • Field Specialists from the EcoMonitoring Corps Internship – Three ITE interns who have experience with observing, monitoring, and recording the phenological changes of our unique, biodiverse urban ecosystem.