World<i>Wild</i>Web Project: Homefront

WorldWildWeb Project: Homefront


Sharing Experiences and Stories from Our Homes

Project Dates: Monday, May 4th – Friday, May 22nd

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Share your personal experiences of adventure and discovery with your community!

Homefront encourages you to explore and become reacquainted with the nooks and crannies of your home. Discover the overlooked and sometimes under-appreciated plant, animal, architecture, and even people that make your home, your streets, alleys, and yards an undiscovered world of diversity! Not only will these explorations open your eyes to new beauty and wonderment outside your door, but sharing your journeys and reflections will encourage others to seek an adventure and make the next steps into the public lands that surround us! 

Project Activities:

  • Explore your place: put your pants on, comb your hair, and get outside. The adventure starts right out your front (or back) door.
  • Create: show off the nature, people, art, & infrastructure that makes your home, home! 
  • Build Skills: lights, camera, action! Learn to produce, direct, and act in your own short video or audio clip showing one part of your homefront that has a special meaning or a story behind it.
  • Team up: YAC it up with other team members who are on the same project.
  • Get a Clue: join in on Zoom discussions and panels with community experts, who will share their experience and passions with you.
  • Research & Discover: access articles, videos, and other resources related to a sense of place, community assets, etc.

Project Experts:

  • Charles Clark – Deputy District Ranger with the US Forest Service.
  • Projects Specialists from the Community Action Toolkit Program – Four ITE youth who have completed asset-mapping activities and collaborated to create a community improvement project.