Community Action Toolkit Program 2020!

Community Action Toolkit Program 2020!

To Keep ITE Youth, Staff, and Community Safe and Responsible During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Remaining Program Dates Have Shifted to Remote and Virtual Formats.

COVID-19 Program Alterations:

The Community Action Toolkit Program is switching to a remote community development & engagement process. The core concepts behind the program will remain the same, but the program will be completed without the final project implementation process (for now). The program will focus on taking the elements of what was learned throughout the CAT process and reflecting on them in our home communities. Since we are all homebound for the foreseeable future, this is a great time to get to know our community; whether it be our back yards, front yards, or neighborhood streets.

The Community Action Toolkit Program (CAT) assists community members of various ages, backgrounds, abilities, and interests with the implementation of “do-it-together” community-driven projects. Projects engage diverse members of a community, foster youth action, practice a holistic and sustainable approach to project development, and engender a sense of place. Best practices, tools, and local resources are recommended to create a community action project.

Projects occur in the shared spaces of neighborhoods or schoolyards and in partnership with ITE Community Action Program Leaders and teen Project Specialists.

ITE designed a Community Action Toolkit for Neighborhoods & Schools to support and provide resources for successful projects, and it is available for free download! Please let us know if you download it or use it in any way by dropping us a quick note. We want to know how many folks find it useful and hear any comments you may have!

Click HERE to view the CAT Video

If you are a young person between the ages of 15 and 20 and would like to earn money and help your community, please fill out this Community Action Project Specialist APPLICATION.

If you are a neighborhood or school that has already seen the ITE CATP presentation, then please fill out this APPLICATION.

CAT Spring 2020 Schedule Overview

JanuarySat 1/25/20 8AM - 4PMOrientation & Training #1Begin & End at ITE
Sun 1/26/20 8AM - 12PMTraining #2Begin & End at ITE
FebruarySat 2/8/20 10AM - 12PMPrep MorningBegin & End at ITE
Sat 2/15/20 9AM - 12PMMeeting #1: IntroductionBegin & End at ITE
Sat 2/29/20 3PM - 6:30PMMeeting #2: Asset MappingBegin & End at ITE
MarchTue 3/31/20 3PM - 4PMCAT Virtual Meeting #1Remote, Zoom
AprilSun 4/14/20 3 - 4PMProgram Check inRemote, Zoom
Sat 4/28/20 3 - 4PMCAT Celebration!Remote, Zoom
CAT – Andrea

Andrea Casas - Pueblo High School, Junior

CAT – Andrea

Andrea’s hobbies include hiking, hanging out with friends and family, and reading. She has participated in the Nature & Culture Beyond Borders Program and the Wilderness Warriors Internship with ITE.

“I joined the Community Action Toolkit Program because it’s giving me a chance to engage in my local community. I hope to gain better public speaking skills and a better understanding of local communities.”

CAT – Dot

Dot Pallanes - Pueblo High School, Junior

CAT – Dot

Dot is 16 years old. She is a member of the Sunrise Movement, a softball manager for Pueblo High School, the President of her school’s Climate Advocacy Club, a climate justice advocate for South Tucson, and a member of Pascua Yaqui Tribe.

“Living on the reservation, I was always looking for ways to unify my community in a way that not only benefits the neighborhood positively but also its people. This internship is literally teaching me how to do that! And how to bring it back to my community and teach my people. I hope to create a relationship with the community we’re working with. I also want to use the tools I gain in this internship to create a similar project in my neighborhood.”

CAT – Isolde

Isolde Edminster-Genet - Pima Community College, Freshman

CAT – Isolde

Isolde is 19 and an undergrad at Pima Community College. She has been an ITE participant and volunteer for 3 years and a part of 8 different ITE programs. She’s a visual artist and a writer and draws a lot of inspiration from the natural world. Isolde is interested in entomology, herpetology, plant identification, and permaculture.

“Community betterment is, I feel, one of the most accessible and positively impactful ways of changing the world – that’s why I’m excited about this program!”

CAT – Terra

Terra Gomez - Tucson High School, Junior

CAT – Terra

Terra is 16 years old and has been with ITE since her freshman year of high school. Her first ITE program was Youth Ambassadors for Southwest Cultures, working with the Juan Batista de Anza Trail, and she has also participated in Wilderness Warriors and American Experience. She enjoys drawing and walking places.

“I love all of the [programs] and wanted to sign up for more. Some skills I’m hoping to gain are public speaking and feeling more comfortable speaking to a crowd.”