15 Reasons to Celebrate with ITE!

15 Reasons to Celebrate with ITE!

It’s ITE’s Quinceañerx!

We are ready to celebrate 15 years of coming of age while connecting youth, nature, and community.

Join us! 

1. Make a birthday wish.

Help us fill the ITE Wishing Well for the next 15 years: Click here to make a wish.

2. Have fun with monthly gifts from our staff to ITE.

Each monthly gift will be wrapped in an ITE-themed activity, and we’ll share it with you online.

October – Chrissy’s gift: “The Importance of the Human-Nature Connection

September – Angel’s gift: “An ITE Guide to Exploring our Arizona Borderlands

August – Suzy’s gift: “A Gift of 15 Favorite Poems and Poets

July – Eric’s gift: “15 Reasons to Celebrate with ITE!”

Let’s celebrate today and all year.