World<i>Wild</i>Web Spring and Summer Programs!

WorldWildWeb Spring and Summer Programs!

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A remote, place-based exploration of who and where we are.

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What is the WorldWildWeb?

The WorldWildWeb is a worldwide digital connection of friends who seek, discover, and share the natural and cultural wonders of their home, neighborhood, and community!

A diverse series of projects will engage Ironwood Tree Experience (ITE) teens in active exploration of nature and community. Teens will interface with other ITE youth, staff, and local and global experts to learn more about their projects, connect with other teens, and build a professional network of friends locally and globally!

Our goals: Inspire & Uplift!

  • Provide educational and inspirational nature- and community-based projects for ITE youth
  • Foster creative leadership that promotes community sustainability and resilience
  • Honor the grant requirements of funding partners 
  • Develop a model of youth, community, and nature engagement that can reinforce historic ITE-type programs
  • Provide educational resources for public school teachers, schools, and classrooms to support academic engagement
  • Connect the Tucson community to the work of Youth Community Leaders

Program Design:

The WorldWildWeb program begins in Spring and continues throughout Summer 2020. 

The WorldWildWeb program offers a series of robust, active, and compelling 3-week projects that are posted on the ITE website. Projects will focus on an ecological foundation, shared natural systems, and the connection between people and place through exploration, community action, and advocacy.

WorldWildWeb participants will be able to engage with projects that entice them to whatever capacity they are able/desire to commit to.

At the conclusion of each 3-week project, ITE youth will share their projects and experiences with others to inspire action and a deeper connection to our community.

All ITE youth, whether engaged in a project or not, will be able to engage in Youth Action Corps (YAC) workshops and forums. “YAC Chat” will be an open forum with loosely-structured, prompted engagement opportunities for youth interested in ongoing projects and engaging with each other digitally.

WorldWildWeb Sessions

Session:Dates:Project Option 1:Project Option 2:
Session 1May 4th - May 22ndBackyard BirdsHomefront
YAC Workshop - Online Friday, May 22nd
Session 2May 25th - June 12thWild InvadersNight Watch
YAC Workshop - Online Friday, June 12th
Session 3June 22nd - July 10thBorderland DispatchesStars & Stories
YAC Workshop - Online Friday, July 10th
Session 4July 20th - August 7thScavenger Hunt: Biodiversity in the Borderlands
YAC Workshop - Online Friday, August 7th

If you would like more information, please contact Chrissy Maes, Engagement and Event Coordinator,

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