Join the Bird-a-Thon

November 1 – November 30, 2019

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The ITE team: “Verd-in It To Win It”
Our goal: Spot 100 bird species and raise $1,000!
We need YOUR help to raise funds!

What is a Bird-A-Thon?
It’s a fundraiser! Teams of birders spot and identify as many bird species as they can in a specified amount of time. Bird lovers (i.e. you!) support this by pledging for each species identified (we’ve seen pledge amounts range from 10 cents to $4 per species!) or make a one-time donation.
Why are we hosting a Bird-A-Thon?
To raise scholarship funds for ITE youth leadership programs and for the summer ITE American Experience 2020: Arizona to Alaska.
How can you help us raise funds?
Make a donation:
• “I will donate $____ per bird species that the ITE team spots, up to a total of 100 of species.”
• “I will donate a $____ bonus if this bird is spotted: __________ (write in a suggested bird species).”
• “I will make a one-time donation of $____.”
(click here and choose “Bird-a-thon: November 2019” -OR- mail check to: Ironwood Tree Experience, 439 N. 6th Ave. #187, Tucson, AZ 85705. Attn.: Chrissy)