BEYOND Event Chuk-son Trail Jan 11, 2020 9-noon

BEYOND Event Chuk-son Trail Jan 11, 2020 9-noon

The Chuk-son Trail and BEYOND – With Ironwood Tree Experience:
(9:00 AM – 12:00 PM)
Meeting Location: Santa Cruz River – West side of the Luiz G Gutierrez-Cushing St Bridge. 32°13’04.5″N 110°58’58.9″W

Join Ironwood Tree Experience for a refreshing 1-mile stroll along the “Chuk-son Trail”. This interactive nature and history walk passes through the heart of Tucson. Beginning at the Santa Cruz River we glimpse into the wild nature of this ribbon of life, and onward through the historic Barrio Viejo, concluding at the El Tiradito Shrine. If you are intrigued by the history, nature, architecture, and culture of our Sonoran Desert Community then please join us!

The Chuk-son Trail is an informal interpretive trail meandering along the fascinating avenues, arroyos, and alleys of Tucson. The trail highlights humans and ecology of the past and the present, and what makes our place in the Sonoran Desert special. The Chuk-son Trail is guided by trained Youth Action Corps and Ironwood Tree Experience  Staff.

  • Start at 9 AM at the west side of the Luis G Gutierrez-Cushing St Bridge. – 699 W Congress, Tucson, AZ 85745
  • End at 12 PM at the Barrio Viejo, El Tiradito Shrine – NW corner of S Main Avenue and W Simpson Street

Wear sensible shoes, bring a large reusable water bottle, and don’t forget a hat and sunscreen. Youth ages 8 to 80 are welcome!

For more questions please call the Ironwood Tree Experience- Urban Field Station 520-829-7001 or email