What’s Happening in the Sonoran Desert During the Month of October!

What’s Happening in the Sonoran Desert During the Month of October!

October is a month of transition- from hot and dry, to cool and dry – and this year it is kind of cool and wet!

Between the end of the summer rains and the first freeze, the Sonoran Desert is awash in life. This is especially visible in warm, sunny afternoons when butterflies, bees, birds and lizards are active.

Go outside and walk around to see what is happening in the Sonoran Desert – of course you can always check here first!


  • Desert hackberries and wolfberries are ornamented with sugary fruit – irrisistable to birds and people alike!
  • Ocotillos are usually leafless except if they have received recent moisture – like this year. Typically they are ending their leafy green garb and providing a desert’s expression of fall colors!


  • Bird migration is in full force! Warblers, sparrows, many birds of prey, waterfowl, and even hummingbirds, are passing overhead, through our backyards by the thousands every morning and evening.
  • Enjoy butterfly activity in the warm afternoons! Bright cloudless sulphurs and American snout are very conspicuous as they migrate.


Well, weather and climate are not the same- but it must be said that once again we broke an all time record for the warmest September on record. Hmmm….. Will October be hot and dry? Usually only a tenth of the days in October will have clouds. That is unless we are in an El Niño year, as this fall and winter is shaping up to be. In between SW trending weather fronts – humidity will be low and the temperatures will stay in the 80s in the desert.

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-Happy Exploring Everyone –