What’s Happening in the Sonoran Desert During the Month of July!

What’s Happening in the Sonoran Desert During the Month of July!

Happy July everyone!

With the first (warm) week of July already under our belts, we can be sure that we’re due for a few of Mother Nature’s treats this month with the crown jewel being Monsoons! It doesn’t stop there though, check out what’s happening this July in the Sonoran desert:

Flora & Fauna

  • Prickly pear cactus fruit begins to ripen
  • Mesquites and acacias droop with drying ripe bean pods
  • Within about five days of the first rains, look for blossoms on pin-cushion cactuses


  • Male Sonoran desert toads, red spotted toads, and spadefoot toads fill the night with their songs to attract mates, from desertscrub up to oak woodlands
  • Regal horned lizards hatch in desertscrub up into grassland foothills
  • Western mastiff bats have their young
  • Huge palo verde root-borer beetles emerge from underground to mate and return to burrows beneath palo verde trees to lay new eggs
  • Look for renewed butterfly activity after the rains! Bright cloudless sulphurs are very conspicuous as they move north with the summer rain


Only a third of the days in July will be clear, the rest will pile high with storm clouds, Half of those days will see thunderstorms; the other half just a bit of rain. Humidity will be high and the temperatures will climb to the high 90s in the desert before plummeting with the rainfall in the afternoon. Be aware of lightening and flash flooding!

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-Happy Hiking Everyone –